Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Tatting Challenge

I challenge you!
Here's a challenge for you. See this image? Use it as a base to design a snowflake. Use either the blue or the white for your outline and see what you can come up with.

This image was originally posted on my personal blog, but since it looks like a number of people want to play, I thought I'd move it to it's own space so that the starting image and what people have done with it can all be in one place. As soon as someone has a piece done, if they let me know where it is I can add it to the page so we can see the different interpretations. Periodically I will add a new image to play with.

Anne took the challenge and designed a beautiful piece based on this image, but she thinks hers looks more like a flower. Anne has another version she's working on too, but it has to wait until her dragon's wings are completed.Here is Anne's second version of the snowflake using Oren Bayan size 50 and the colour variations worked out perfectly.
Marty has her interpretation done. Her first attempt had many points of different shapes, then she ran out of thread. After reloading her shuttles she came up with a successful snowflake.

Wally looked at it and saw butterflies (so did I). She has show a picture of her version, but she only did 5 points because she ran out of thread.

Ellen joins the challenge with her version of the snowflake made with dimpled rings.

My first simple version after several rough starts, measures 2 inches across done in size 30 thread.
Iris was looking through her notebook while she was in Matera and found a sample of traditional tatting she was working on which she combined with the challenge image. This gorgeous elegant doily is the result. Joy has worked with the white area of the image to create this beauty. I think working with the white area is much harder especially with this image that has a large blue centre. Joy has the right idea though, this will make an excellent picture frame of fridge magnet.