Monday, August 25, 2008

Design Challenge 2

There was such and amazing variety of things created from the last image, so here's another one to try.

Working from either the black or the peach, create a motif from this image. The challenge is open to anyone, just use your imagination and turn it into tatting, a snowflake, a doily, a pendant or whatever you like. Then let me know where you've posted your picture and I'll add it here.

Heather posted her version of the challenge snowflake and included the pattern on her blog.

Marty did her first version with extra long picots wound around a dowel, but it just didn't work. The second version made with DMC size 80 plain red on one shuttle and a red variegated on the other shuttle and lots of beads was a step in the right direction but it didn't quite work either. The third version made with yellow size 30 DMC Cebelia has lock chains to separate the repeats so they wouldn't try to curve. A few other minor changes in ds counts and picot size resulted in her finished design. The knobbies around the edge are an embellishment. We knew they were planned.

After some thought Marty had to tweak it a little and her 3rd try is beautiful. She did it again in red and green variegated DMC size 80 tatting thread and attached it to a Christmas ornament. Here it is attached top and bottom, but most of the pattern is invisible. The next picture shows what it would look like on the side. I like the side view better. As soon as Marty has her chicken scratches deciphered, the pattern will be available.

This sad thing is my version of DC2. It rumples badly and there is no way that it will lay flat without a major re-work. There's hope for it, but it's one of those designs that will need a lot of tweaking to lay flat. I will re-work it one of these days, right after I get over being obsessive about sparkly suncatcher snowflakes.

Anne created more than just a motif from this design, she created a whole doily that looks like a large snowflake. Yarnplayer commented that it's like a Lace Pie. What a truly amazing piece of work.