Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Design Challenge 4

Here is a different kind of design challenge. Take a simple rose and use it as a base for something bigger, like a snowflake, heart, square, bookmark or whatever you want. What can you make based on a rose? Here's a pattern for a rose base with either 6 petals or 8 petals, you can use a different number of petals if you want.

What can you come up with that has a rose in it?

Patty Dowden took the challenge and tatted a rose in the centre of a heart. Not being overly fond of solid rose centers, she did make multiple consecutive rows but with spaces between some of the rows. Then the heart didn't turn out flat, but she likes it anyway. Very interesting. It will be fun to see what others make with a rose centre.

Linda Davies used a rose centre to created a Gold Medal for the tatting Olympics. There are lots of picots on the rose to make it very frilly. The interlaced edging was her first attempt at celtic tatting. Marty did something really unexpected and used the rose base to create a shamrock. What a delightful idea! Not only is it thinking outside the box, it creates something very seasonal for St Patrick's day. Martha says the rose motif is one of her favorites, and she has been using it in other pieces for years. After the challenge was issued, she have now made a creamer and sugar bowl to go with a previous teapot design. Tea anyone?
Ellyane used the rose as a centre for this lovely doily. By using a different colour for the core thread there is just a tiny hint of the red in the rose that acrries out into the surrounding clovers. The longer outer chains are forming arches that mimic the central rose. Very nice.

Jeff was originally going to make the rose and add enough rows to make motif the same size as the Teneriffe centre of his hexagon. Then he was going to use the outer rows of the hexagon for this motif. However, things didn't work out quite like he had expected and he ended up making up the whole thing. It's simply gorgeous.

Vicki shared with you a lavender sachet made with 2 simple rosettes put together using long picots on the outside round. All of the beads are added afterwards, although beaded picots would work just as well. The lavender is wrapped in cloth or tissue paper and stuck in it before it is closed off. An amulet bag can be made in the same way.
Carolyn used the rose to create a lovely snowflake

Neophyte has a late entry of a doily she created using a rose motif from the Big Book of Tatting. While she didn't design the motif, she did design the doily and put a huge amount of work into it.